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Catalyst Characterization Laboratory

Titles of Theses

Buisiness Year 2018 (March, 2019)

Mesters' theses
    Kohtaro Taruya     Bifunctional MFI Zeolite / W-V Comoisit Oxide Catalyst for Oxydehydration of Glycerol
    Yoshiki Degami     Design of Photoanode for Water Splitting Based on Relative Energy Levels of Brownmillerite Type Composite Oxide and Photocatalyst
    Ryosuke Nanbu     Synthesis of Ultrafine Particles of Brownmillerite Type Composite Oxide and Their Application to Cocatalyst for Photosplitting of Water
    Hitoshi Matsubara     Property of Active Co Species for Methane-benzene Reaction and Their Increase by Addition of HeteroelementsGetting Award for Best Presentation
Graduate Study
    Hironori Kinoshita     Kinetic Analysis of Methane-benzene Reaction and Active Site Degradation over Co/MFI Zeolite
    Ren Adachi     Synthesis of Ultrafine Particles of Brownmillerrite Type Ca2FeCoO5 on Various Metal Oxides
    Kosuke Arita     Rate of Basic Nitrogen-containing Compounds Adsorption on Solid Acid in Petroleum
    Hiroki Kanaji     Conversion of Decalin over Solid Catalysts in Pressurized Hydrogen
    Reina Kaneda     Effect of Second Component Addition to Ru Catalyst for Synthesis of 2-Pyrrolidone from Pyroglutamic Acid
    Keigo Kanehara     Structure and Catalytic Activity for Methane-benzene Reaction of Co Species Impregnated on MFI ZeoliteGetting Award for Best Presentation
    Masaya Kuroda     Oxydehydration of Glycerol over Catalyst Combined from Vanadium and MFI Zeolite
    Sakura Segoshi     Influence of Treatments of MFI Zeolite with Zeolite Precursor Solution
    Sho Tanizaki     Formation of Ethylbenzene-styrene Mixture from Ethane and Benzene over Zeolite-supported Pb Catalyst
    Yuhei Fujita     Synthesis of Ultrafine Particles of Spinel Type CuCo2O4 by Reverse Micelle Method and Their Activity for Reduction of Carbon Dioxide

Buisiness Year 2017 (March, 2018)

Mesters' theses
   Keisuke Kinugasa   Practical Study on Dealkylation of Alkyl Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Heavy Oils
Shota TojoConversion of Methane into Valued Compounds on Zeolite-based Catalyst
Kei HiraoSynthesis of Ultrafine Composite Oxide Particles in Macroporous Oxide Film
Graduate Study
Ryosuke ItagakiCatalytic Activities of Variuos Zeolite-supported Metals for Methane-benzene Reaction
   Akihiro Otani   Enhancement of Catalytic Activity of Supported Ru Catalyst for Synthesis of 2-Pyrrolidone from Pyroglutamic Acid
Kazuki NakajimaRing Opening and Dealkylation of Tetralin on Solid Acid Catalyst in Highly Pressurized Hydrogen
Fumiya NakanoInfluences of Various Coexisting Materials on Dealkylation of Alkyl Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon
Naoya MatsumotoEffect of Supporting of Brownmillerite Type Ca2Fe2-xCoxO5 on Iron Oxide Catalyst for Photocatalytic Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Mayu KanamuraFilling of Zeolite Precursor into Ordered Pores in Alumina
Shota JokaSynthesis of 2-Pyrrolidone from Pyroglutaminol on Supported Metal Catalyst Accompanied by CO hydrogenation
Yuya ToriiEnhancement of Activity for Acrolein Oxidation by Addition of Nb onto W-V Composite Oxide Catalyst
Satoko NaganoAdsorption of Basic Matrials in Petroleum by Solid Acid
Kana YamamotoLocation of Ion Exchange Site in MFI Zeolite Generating Active Co Speices for Methane-benzene ReactionGetting Award for Best Presentation
Takeyuki WatanabeStructural Analysis and Photocatalytic Activity of Ca2Fe2-xCoxO5/TiO2 Synthesized by Reverse Micelle Method

Buisiness Year 2016 (March, 2017)

Mesters' theses
   Kazuki Takeda   Removal Method of Compounds Inactivating Solid Acid Catalyst from Petroleum and Its Application to Dealkylation of Alkyl Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Koshiro NakamuraReactions for Conversion and Synthesis of Monocyclic Aromatic Compounds in Zeolite as Reaction FieldGetting Award for Best Presentation
Takuya HisazumiOne Step Oxyhydration of Glycerol Catalyzed by Keggin Type Molybdovanadophosphoric Acid-Loaded ZSM-5 Zeolite
Graduate Study
Hiroki AsakoConversion of Pyroglutamic Acid on Supported Noble Metal Catalyst
   Daichi Sato   Removal of Basic Materials from Vacuum Gas Oil by Acidic Ion Exchange Resin and Regeneration of Resin
Rika TakagiFormation of 2-Pyrrolidone from Pyroglutamic Acid Catalyzed by Supported Noble Metal Catalyst
Kotarou TaruyaOxyhydration from Glycerol into Acrylic Acid over ZSM-5 Zeolite-Loaded W-V-O Bifunctional Catalyst
Yoshiki DegamiEffect of Loading of Brownmillerite Type Ca2Fe2-xCoxO5 on Titanium Oxide Photocatalyst in Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Ryosuke NanbuSynthesis of Brownmillerite Type Ca2Fe2-xCoxO5 Ultrafine Particle on Surface of Titanium Oxide Fine Particle by Reverse Micelle Method
Sena HashimotoRegeneration of Silica Monolayer Catalyst for Dealkylation of Alkyl Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds in Vacuum Gas Oil
Hitoshi MatsubaraEffect of Second Metal Addition to Co/ZSM-5 Catalyst in Methylation of Benzene with MethaneGetting Award for Best Presentation
Yasumi MoriwakiInfluence of Loading Method of Co and Mg on ZSM-5 Zeolite for Methane-Benzene Reaction
Ayana YokotaZeolite Synthesis in Highly Ordered Macroporous Alumina Coating Membrane

Buisiness Year 2015 (March, 2016)

Mesters' theses
   Takafumi Ishibashi   Shape Selective Catalysis of Silica-modified Zeolite for Aromatic Compounds with Various Substituents
Akihito OkudaMethylation of Benzene by Methane over Zeolite-supported Cobalt Catalyst
Yusuke KawaguchiDealkylation of Alkylaromatic Compounds over Silica Monolayer Catalyst
Daisuke MitsuyoshiImprovements of Shape Selectivity and Life of Zeolite Catalyst for Toluene Disproportionation
Graduate Study
Kiyotaka OhtaMethylation of Benzene by 13C-labelled Methane Using ZSM-5 Zeolite-supported Cobalt Catalyst
   Keisuke Kinugasa   Dealkylation of Alkylnaphthalene over Silica Monolayer Catalyst Calcined at High Temperature
Koji KuroiwaInfluences of Conditions of Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silica onto Zeolite Pellets on Shape SelectivityGetting Award for Best Presentation
Ryo MizutaMeasurements of Activation Enthalpy and Entropy in Conversion of Monoaromatic Compounds
Kazuki MorimotoDehydration of Glycerol over Solid Acid Catalysts

Buisiness Year 2014 (March, 2015)

Mesters' theses
   Kazuki Kanai   Development of Method for Measurements of Acid Strength of Solid Using Ammonia IRMS-TPD
Taku MatsuokaDealkylation of Alkylpolycyclic Aromatic Compounds for Efficient Use of Heavy Oils
Graduate Study
Yuta KataokaPreparation of Pellets of Silica-Modified ZSM-5 Zeolite by Flow Method of Chemical Vapor Deposition
   Kazuki Takeda   Influence of Nitrogen-containig Compounds on Dealkylation of Alkylaromatic Compound
Koshiro NakamuraDisproportionation of Toluene over Ni/ZSM-5 Zeolite as Catalyst
Takuya HisazumiConversion of Glycerol into C3 Oxygen-containing Compounds by Dehydration
Shohei FujiwaraRelationship between Physico-chemical Property and Catalytic Activity for Dealkylation of Alkylnaphthalene of Aluminosilicate Solid Acid Catalysts
Yuta MurakamiImprovment of Accuracy by Automatization of Ammonia TRMS-TPD
Ryo YamaguchiSynthesis of Toluic Acid Methyl Ester over ZSM-5 Zeolite Catalyst

Business year 2013 (March, 2014)

Doctral theses
   Takashi Sanada   Acidic Property of Zeolite and Its Effect on Supported Metal (Completed in September)
Mesters' theses
   Naoki Uozumi   Dealkylation Reaction of Alkylpolyaromatic Compound by Metal Oxide Monolayer Catalyst
Hirotaka OkamotoHydrothermal Synthesis and Catalysis of Nb-containing Hexagonal Tungsten Oxide
Takumi MushiakePreparation of Highly Dispersed Metal Catalyst Supported by Zeolite and Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling Reaction at Room Temperature in Air
Graduate Study
   Takafumi Ishibashi   A Study on Formation Process of USY Zeolite
Hiroki OhnishiAcidic Property of 6-Group Oxide Species Supported by Zirconia
Akihito OkudaPreparation and Catalysis of Zeolite-Supported Metal Particle
Yusuke KawaguchiPreparation of Supported Gold Nanoparticle by Physical Mixing and Thermal Treatment Using Gold Complex as a Precursor
Yuka GejimaSynthesis of Lubricant Catalyzed by Montmorillonite
Misaki KosakaHomogeneity in Preparation of Silica-Modified ZSM-5 Zeolite by Flow Method of Chemical Vapor Deposition
Shota TakemotoSynthesis, Characterization and Catalysis of Niobium-Doped Tungsten OxideGetting Award for Best Presentation
Daisuke MitsuyoshiInfluence of Reactant Pressure on Toluene Disproportionation Catalyzed by Silica-Modified ZSM-5 Zeolite
Takuya MiyagawaCatalysis of Gold Nanoparticle Prepared by Physical Mixing and Thermal Treatment Using Gold Complex as a Precursor

Business year 2012 (March, 2013)

Mesters' theses
   Soidhiro Ishida   Hyrothermal Synthesis and Catalytic Function of 5-6 Group Combined Oxide Nanocrystals
Takanori OhsakiCoupling Reactions by Highly Dispersed Palladium Catalyst Supported by Zeolite
Jota OyamaA Study on Formation Process of Ultrastable Y Type Zeolite
Satoko SotaAcidic Properties and Catalytic Activities for Alkane Cracking of Zeolites
Chika MurakamiPreparation and Catalytic Function of Heat-resistant Gold Naonoparticle Supported on FAU ZeoliteGetting Award for Best Presentation
Graduate Study
   Takeshi Miyawaki   Pd/SnO2 Sensor for Detection of Dioctylphthalate at Low Concentration (Completed in September)
Yoshitaka KinoshitaHydrothermal Synthesis, Characteriation and Catalytic Function of Ta-W Oxide
Kazuki KanaiAcidic Property during Preparation Process of Ultrastable Y Zeolite Catalyst for Fluoid Catalytic Cracking
Takuma TanakaSynthesis of Mesoporous Material with Nb-Mo Oxide Nanoparticles as Templates
Takuya NakagawaPreparation Conditions of Silica-modified ZSM-5 Zeolite Catalyst for Selective Production of Paraxylene
Taku MatsuokaCracking of Alkylnaphthalene under Co-presence of Alumina-supported Molybdenum Oxide Catalyst and Solid Acid Catayst
Takashi MichishitaAcidic Properties of 6 Groups Oxides Loaded on Alumina and Titania
Takayuki MiyazakiSynthesis of Lubricant by Silica-supported Heteropoly Acid Catalyst

Business year 2011 (March, 2012)

Mesters' theses
   Hiroyuki Ikeda   Hydrocracking of Tetralin Catalyzed by Zeolite
Kazunori TakeshitaSelective Synthesis of para-Xylene by Disproportionation of Toluene over CVD Zeolite as a Catalyst
Nami MorishitaInfluences of Acidic Property on Activity for Alkane Cracking of Zeolite Catalyst
Sayaka MoriyamaConversion of Aromatic Compounds in Micropores of Zeolite
Hiroyuki YoshidaReduction of NO by Methane as a Reductant over Pd/Mordenite Catalyst -Enhancement of Activity by CVD of Silica-
Graduate Study
   Naoki Uozumi   Acidic Property of Silica Species Chemically Deposited on Alumina Surface Getting Award for Best Presentation
Hirotaka OkamotoSide Reaction and Pd Dissolution Accompanying Suzuki Coupling Catalyzed by Pd/USY
Tetsuya OyamaPreparation and Catalysis of Highly Dispersed Au Catalyst Supported by Y Type Zeolite
Ryota TakahataStacking Mechanism and Application to Flow Reaction of Layered Nb-W Oxide Fiber Catalyst Getting Award for Best Presentation
Naomi TanakaSynthesis of 4,4'-Methylenedianiline Catalyzed by Zeolite
Shingo SakuraiContinuous Production of Lubricant Catalyzed by Silica-supported Heteropoly Acid Getting Award for Best Presentation
Yurie MiyazonoPractical Production of para-Xylene by Disproportionation of Toluene Catalyzed over Silica-deposited ZSM-5 Zeolite Catalyst