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Catalyst Characterization Laboratory

Practical Achievements

Automatic IRMS-TPD Analyzer

We have developed an Automatic IRMS-TPD Analyzer with Microtrac BEL Corp.. It is now sold from Automatic IRMS-TPD Analyzer with Microtrac BEL Corp.

Ammonia IRMS-TPD (infrared / mass spectroscopy temperature-programmed desorption) measurements are possible with this instrument. The ammonia IRMS-TPD method allows us to quantify the number and strength distribution of each of Brønsted and Lewis acid site, and OH group identified in the IR spectrum on solids.

This instrument is applicable not only to the ammonia IRMS-TPD but also commonly to transmission IR mesurements of any kinds of solid and composition analysis of the gas contacting the solid using a mass spectrometer in flow of any kinds of gases. It is suitable for various kinds of operando analysis of solid catalysts and solids with various functions.

Moreover, as a simple in-situ IR analyzer, this instrument is useful. It allows us easily to place a self-supporting disk on a metal mesh at a fixed position close to the focus of IR beam without glass parts. It allows us to control the temperature and to introduce any kinds of gases. This improves the accuracy and efficiency of experiments and reduce the stress of operator in the IR experiments of solids.

  • ~2014 Making a prototype machine
  • 2014. 3 1st commercial type machine (working in Katada Lab.)
  • 2015. 8 1st sold